Ever since I was a very young man, I have been inspired by a very independent and ambitous father, Erik Bagger. Erik has designed arts and crafts for almost 30 years and is the man that taught me the mantra:


Naturally there is a deeper meaning to this mantra which is a cutting-edge element within our business and family identity.

If the end-customer is not satisfied, then our passion for design cannot be sustained. We cherish customer satisfaction and
make a great virtue of establishing this in our philosophy.

I have always known that I would be in the same business as my dear father. As a child I would sit in his lap as he drew products, and I would attempt to draw like him. In my early teens I was already working in the Erik Bagger A/S warehouse assembling various products. During several years I worked my way through all the departments of the organisation and I learned how a large design company works.

I was slowly given greater responsibilty and by the time I was 25 years of age I became the head of the design studio for
Erik Bagger Design A/S where I had responsibility for creative expression and focus on the products.

In 2014 I founded Frederik Bagger. I desired to live out my dream of creating a brand that would give the consumer a Scandinavian design developed by inspiring, functional and aesthetic products in high quality. We combine culture and modern design in the arts and crafts market; creating thereby greater content in the products through Frederik Bagger design.

Ingen produkter ble funnet som passer dine valg.


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