Franske Nicolas Vahé er chef i en klasse for seg. Oppvokst i en kokkefamilie, utdannet kokk på den 3-stjerners Michelin restauranten «Pic Valence» i Frankrike og deretter utdannet chiocolatier hos Daniel Giraud Valence, en av Frankrikes beste dessert kokker. Nicolas Vahé leverer utvalgte kjøkkenredskaper og tekstiler i tillegg til matprodukter som; confit, pesto, chutney, salt, marmelade, olivenolje,sjokolade og mye mer som vil hjelpe selv den mest uerfarne kokk å tilberede hjemmelaget gourmetmåltider i toppklasse.
Only the finest ingredients

”All my products are made from the finest ingredients and top quality is a given. I always strive to create surprising experiences of taste and combine ingredients in ways you don’t find anywhere else. I want my products to inspire and surprise you and show you that good food doesn’t have to be complicated. To me it’s all about the essence of cooking. That’s why it’s important to me that the concept of Nicolas Vahé is easily decoded and makes sense in an everyday cooking routine so that cooking a tasty meal doesn’t become rocket science.”

Nicolas Vahé is the man behind the gourmet brand of that same name. As a trained chef, chocolatier and pastry chef with years of experience from French and Danish gourmet restaurants, Nicolas Vahé created his first collection of gourmet products in 2005. One person in particular had a profound influence on his upbringing in France and his initial road to life as a successful gastronomic entrepreneur.

”As a child I spend my summer holidays in the country with my grandparents and my favourite thing to do was to cook with my grandmother in her kitchen. She was always in that kitchen making the most amazing meals from homegrown crops. It was actually her original jam recipes that led me to create my own collection. I often think of my grandmother who essentially inspired me to venture into life as a chef and eventually entrepreneur.”

The road to success

Growing up in a family of chefs, butchers, bakers and shopkeepers the passion for food and the drive to create was always a part of Nicolas Vahé. So it came as no surprise to his family when he at the age of fourteen got a summer job at a restaurant in his hometown Amiens in Northern France. That same year Nicolas started as an apprentice chef and pastry chef at the three star Michelin restaurant Pic Valence and later as an apprentice chocolatier under the world famous Daniel Giraud Valence, who has been named the best chocolatier in France several times. In 2000 his talent brought Nicolas Vahé to the renowned Inn Falsled Kro on the island of Funen and after that to the Fakkelgaarden Restaurant in Southern Jutland, before the entrepreneurial spirit finally took hold of him.

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