Sure, PB Home is a company, but we are just like a family. A family with a shared passion; interiors. Back in 1991 we were a family of two, Pia and Benn. We loved each other, we still do. When you feel that way, you want to do everything together, discover everything. You travel everywhere.

And if you are anything like us, you will discover Classic-Contemporary interior design, Our greatest passion. Not many are fortunate enough to work with their passion. But if you do, you realize it’s not work, it’s fun. And when something is fun, you tend do it a little bit better.

Therefore, passion is definitely the reason our first interior design stores evolved to something more; an international interior design wholesaler with its own production.

It is definitely the reason our first customers are still with us; we guarantee quality and since we were once customers ourself, we know what it’s like. It is definitely the reason we received an award for best product at the Singapore fair IFFS; when you do things with passion, people notice. It is definitely the reason why we design and produce products ourselves; how else could we guarantee quality?

Today, two decades since we sold our first piece, our company has grown. But even though it’s not just the two of us anymore, we’re still like a family. It has just become a little bit bigger.

So if you are interested in what we have to offer, or just want to get to know us better, feel free to contact us. And if you haven’t figured it out already, PB is short for Pia and Benn.

Ingen produkter ble funnet som passer dine valg.


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