March 1948 Jacques and Dini Teunissen opened up a flower shop on the Overtoom in Amsterdam. That was the beginning of the exclusive brand Rivièra Maison as we know it nowadays. Rivièra Maison kept growing, as well in The Netherland as International. Currently there are 19 furniture and accessories Stores in The Netherlands and over 600 selling point worldwide.

Rivièra Maison creates a unique experience with which enjoyment is key. In 2014 the slogan ‘Home Is Where You Can Be You’ was launched; this emphasizes the philosophy of Rivièra Maison and it’s founder Henk Teunissen.

Within this dropdown menu you will find information about the genealogy, the philosophy and work ethics of Rivièra Maison. You can also find information about Perfectly Imperfect: all our products are unique and hand made in authentic ateliers worldwide

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